Don’t become weary and fainthearted when you see the wickedness all around you and lament the prosperity of evil doers, says the Lord. Their reward is coming, and I will recompense. They may laugh now at your expense, but are they mocking you? When they have stolen from you, they have robbed Me, for all you are and ever shall have is in Me. You have lost nothing, and the enemy has not gained anything. I have held in reserve for you unspeakable, hidden treasures, and I will not allow you to be overcome with evil., says the LORD.

Don’t faint! Hold on! I will renew your strength as you wait on Me. You will reap a bountiful harvest of the good seed of My righteousness, if you refuse to quit, says the LORD. For your blessings will come in a downpour that you will not be able to contain. I will prepare My table for you so you can to come and freely feast and be fat and full of my blessings. The enemy will not laugh long. He will weep and mourn, and you will yet rejoice in My goodness and mercy for you in the land of the living, as you partake of My supper that I have prepared for you, and I lavish My love and unspeakable gifts upon you and give you hidden treasures that will astound you, says the LORD.

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