I Am Compassionate and Merciful

I Am compassionate and merciful, says the LORD. I know everything that you need, and I see the difficulties that you are going through. I will not only be with you in trouble, but I will pour out My compassion upon you daily and give you New mercies every day. I will not fail to help you when you call upon My name, regardless of the scope of the problems that you face. They are NOT too complex, and you are not difficult for Me to care for, says the LORD.

Cast all your care upon Me, and entrust Me with EVERYTHING, says the LORD. There are things you have tried to handle on your own, and thought you could manage it until it got out of control. Now you know that you need to relinquish the controls to Me and cast all those burdens upon Me now. I will not chide you for delay on your part, for I Am more than ready and willing to help you. I will carry everything that you give Me, and you can give Me everyone you care for as well. I will take care of every person, place and thing that you entrust to My care, and you can enter into My rest, knowing that you and everyone you love and care for is in My good hands, says the LORD.

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