I Am the ONE Who Opens Doors

I do not complicate matters or give you a maze to walk through that will confuse you, twist you around, and even bring you to a dead end, says the LORD. I Am not the author of confusion, and it is never from Me! I do not put things in the way for you to stumble and fall. I do not open doors for you all at the same time so you have to try to know which way you are supposed to go and what you are supposed to do, says the LORD.

I Am the door, says the LORD. There is no plan A, B, or C. I always do plan A, for there is no mistakes and no do-overs. I get it right the first time. Do not lament over doors that are shut in your face. Do not fret about those that never open. THOUGH I have given you the keys to open doors, they are keys to MY KINGDOM, and will not open doors that are harmful, those that distract, those that harm you. Pursue the One that I open for you and trust that I Am the One who opens and closes doors that no one else can. Be at peace in all things, for I Am your peace, and I will not lead you into confusion, but I will always give you peace and joy and My presence will give you fullness of joy, says the LORD.

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