I Am Your Anchor

I Am your anchor, says the LORD. No matter how violent the storms of life may rage against you, you will not be moved. You will not be battered and torn by the winds of adversity. I will be that shelter for you in the time of storm and your anchor will hold. You will NOT be driven with the wind, but safe and secure, as I hold you fast and cover you with My feathers, says the LORD.

You will have peace in the midst of the storm, because you already know the outcome, says the LORD. I have kept you through many already and you made it through every one of them, regardless of how long they lasted and how fierce the threat was. There will be none that can destroy you, and you will come through them without loss of cargo, loss of life and loss of hope. I am consistent, and what I have done in the past will be repeated, time and time again, as you face new storms, they too will become a part of your history and testimonies of how I have kept you safe and secure from all harm, always, and you have come forth with a greater faith in Me and an assurance that I AM with you in the storms to anchor you, says the LORD.

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