Be Aware and Sensitive of My Presence

Be aware and sensitive of My presence in your life, says the LORD. For I Am a constant and not a variable. I Am with you always. Always MEANS always. When you are asleep, I am aware of you and awake, on task, working, watching, guarding, protecting, keeping you safe, and you are always secure in Me. When you are

Daily Devotional: God’s Infallible Love

Thank you, Lord, that we are assured of your infallible love. We love you because you first loved us and gave your life for us. We can depend upon your constant care, love, presence, and when we seek you, we will find YOU. We are safe and secure in your tender, loving, caring arms that embrace us, provide, protect and

Daily Devotional: Upheld and Safe

Thank you, Lord, that as we Keep your Word and place our trust in you, that you will keep us safe. You are that place of safety, and you will keep us steady on our feet. We will not stumble or fall as you make the way clear for us.  We have that assurance that you will protect us, secure

Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t be afraid, says the LORD. Fear will only cause you unrest and take away all your peace. I Am your peace. I have ordained rest for you as you refuse to believe the negative reports that you hear everyday that will only bring you instability. I Am with you to hold you up, make you immovable, and give you

Daily Devotional: Appointed Unto Salvation, Not Wrath

Thank you, Lord, that you have given us your great salvation, because of our faith in you and your finished work on the cross for us. Your shed blood has cleansed us from all unrighteousness, and we are not appointed unto wrath. You will lavish us with your love, and we will live in your presence, day and night, as

Daily Devotional: Friendship, Fellowship, Communion

Thank you, Lord, that we have constant friendship and communion and fellowship with you, because you came to us, knocked on our heart’s door, and we invited you to come in. You are our faithful friend and companion and live in us, with us, and are all powerful. You are the one we lean on, and we can entrust you

Daily Devotional: Deliverance, Protection and Comfort

Thank you, Lord, that even when I am facing threatening things in my life, they are only a passing shadow. You bring me out of the things that even look like death itself. Your rod is comforting and protective as you use this weapon against the on slot of the enemy in my defense, as you fight for me. your

Daily Devotional: GOD is For You

Thank you, Lord, that no matter what comes against us, you are with us, on our side, and always take our part. There is no greater power than you, and you are with me, always, to secure and shield me, and to defend me. I will overcome the attacks of the enemy with great faith in your favor and presence

Your Life is in My Hands

Your life is in My hands, says the LORD. Can you think of a better and safer place that you could be? My hands have created you, and when I formed you in the womb of your mother and separated you from her as a live birth, not only did I record all your parts in My book, but I

Daily Devotional: The Lord My Helper

I thank you Lord that you are My helper. Therefore, I do not need to fear what anyone or anything endeavors to do against me. You are with me and for me, and on My side, and I am safe, secure, and well kept by you, now and always. I can boldly proclaim that you are My God, in whom