I Am your defense, says the LORD. I will stand up for you and fight for you, and you will not be the loser, but the winner. The enemy will not prevail against you, for the battle is MINE. You can stand still and see MY salvation as I pour out My holy indignation, and avenge you of your adversary that has mocked you and said to you, “Where is your GOD?”

The enemy that has railed against you has railed against Me, says the LORD. He has mocked you, scorned you, raged against you, and threatened to destroy you, but He cannot, says the LORD. I will rise up and save you, deliver you, and show you MY GREAT SALVATION, for all this was done against ME. I AM with you in all things and the assault you have suffered is against Me that is in You. FEAR NOTHING and do not fear what man can do unto you, for HE CAN DO NOTHING at all as I stand up for you, and fight for you, and release you from bondage and silence your fears. You will not be a prisoner, but I will deliver you and fill you with My joy and give you a new song in your heart of praise and thanksgiving, as you proclaim that I alone saved you, delivered you, and gave you liberty and freedom to serve Me, says the LORD.

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