I Hear Your Voice!

    Fervent payer is not volume, says the LORD.  It is the intensity of your heart.  I record every time you THINK of Me, and those thoughts that are intense toward me are fervent!  I see your earnest expectation, your unfeigned faith and trust in Me, and I Am pleased.  For when you seek Me with all your heart, and your prayers come up before Me from the depths of your soul, I take notice of them!  They will enter into My throne room as a sweet aroma, says the LORD.

You will find Me when you seek Me with all  your heart, says the LORD.  It is not a game of hide and seek, for I AM NOT HIDING from you.  You will find Me and have My favor rest upon you.  For I Am calling you into intimacy with Me.  I desire you to come and fellowship and commune with Me, so how could I be difficult to find, when I long for you?  Do not think that your payers are lost in the shuffle of endless requests, for I hear perfectly, and My ears are never full.  Your voice is heard. Your thoughts are recorded.  The intent of your heart is seen and known by Me.  I will give you ON SPOT attention and Am mindful of your needs, and will hear and answer your prayers, and you mix them with faith and trust in Me as the Lord of your life, says the LORD.

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