God AnswersI always hear the sound of your voice and know the things that are deep within your heart that you cannot even put words to, says the LORD.  Your prayers are in My ear, and I have not dismissed them, nor can I or will I overlook you or forget your needs.  I will take care of all of them and I will answer you!   Nothing gets past My attention.  Absolutely NOTHING is unimportant to Me.  You cannot bore me, and I AM never to busy to give you My undivided attention for the smallest and the greatest needs that you have, says the LORD.

Trust that I will never put anyone’s needs above yours, says the LORD.  I do not categorize things and tell you to wait for your turn.  I never have to take from anyone to give to you!  I have an endless supply!  I will give you MORE than enough, as you trust in Me and My infallible Word.  For I will NEVER withhold any good thing from you, and you will never have to beg Me to help you, provide for you or heal you!  You are MY CHILD, and I do not want you to be sick, needy or in despair. I Am with you always, to give you GOOD success in everything.  JUST TRUST ME ALWAYS, for today is no different than yesterday, and tomorrow is the same to ME. I Am faithful and true, always, and I have not, cannot and will not ever fail you, says the LORD.

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