Vengeance belongs to Me, says the LORD.  You do not have to take matters into your own hands. I will avenge you of your adversaries, and I will pour out My justice and judgment and righteousness, says the LORD.  You have wept, and you will laugh.  You have mourned, but you will rejoice. You have waited patiently upon Me, and you will not be disappointed.  You have cried out to ME and called upon My NAME.  I will save you!  I have cleansed you from all unrighteousness by My own blood, and I Am standing with you to vindicate  you, for I Am your Advocate, and your righteousness is of ME, says the LORD.

No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper, says the LORD.  No voice that accuses you will prevail.  For the tongues that are set on fire from hell will be put to silence by My all consuming fire.  I will quiet your fears and restore your soul. You will sing again as I not only restore comforts in you, but I will restore you.  You will know that the raging enemy has no place in you, and no power over you. I will cause you to stand and not fall, conquer and not be defeated, and you will have certain victory over your enemy and tread upon the serpents, the scorpions, and you will overcome in Me. The devils will flee from you, your enemies that are MY enemies will be scattered, as I bare Holy Arm, and rescue you  and I will cause you to triumph in Me, because you have made Me your trust, says the LORD.

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