My Words will never fall to the ground, says the LORD.  They are not empty and unproductive.  They will accomplish exactly what I have sent them forth to do, to the tiniest punctuation mark!  For none of My Words will be nullified or forgotten, but FULFILLED, for I watch over My WORD to perform it, says the LORD.

Watch and wait on Me, says the LORD.  For Am not I the living Word?  You will see a performance of My Word that is a tangible reality.  For My WORD that I have spoken is Spirit and LIFE, and that which I have spoken over you is alive and tangible.  What I have decreed and declared over your life is absolute.  Nothing will stop My Word from becoming your reality, for I cannot lie, will not change My mind, and every purpose that I have ordained for your life will be accomplished, because I will do it for the honor of MY great name, says the LORD.

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