I Will Give You Everything You Need

    When I said that I would not withhold any good thing from those who love Me, I meant it, says the LORD.  Nothing, absolutely NOTHING will I refuse to give you and do for you that is GOOD!  I only have good things to give, and I only have blessings to bestow upon you.  I will build you, not demolish you. I strengthen you, not weaken you.  I hold you up, not push you down.  I heal you, and I do not make you sick.  I will give you GOOD things to enjoy, and prove My love for you by what I do, not just what I say, says the LORD.

It is the devil, who is the thief, the robber, the killer, the destroyer that lurks around, to see whom he may devour, says the LORD.  He is the one that I will rebuke!   He is the one who I have saved you from!  His works are what I have come to destroy! Says the Lord.

I have given you My best gifts and saved you by My grace, says the Lord. My favor rests upon you, and My name seals you, as I mark you as My own.  Can I withdraw from the sheep of My pasture and forget those I have given My own life for?  I cannot!  I will give you everything that you need, and keep you all the days of your earthly sojourn as I prepare a place you that is eternal, and will welcome your arrival after you have finished everything that I have created you to do for Me and My kingdom that is without end, says the LORD.


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