I Will Give You Wisdom

    I will give you the tongue of the wise as you ask Me for wisdom, says the LORD.  You will not only have the answers for the complex difficulties that you will encounter in life, but you will be able to speak My Word of wisdom to others in their times of distress.  I always have a ready answer, and an on-spot solution for anything that happens.  I will not withhold My wisdom and I will give you My counsel as you entrust Me with your life and daily care, says the LORD.


I Am big enough and fully equipped to handle anything that you will face, says the LORD.  There is no storm that I cannot calm, no fear that I cannot quiet, no problem that I cannot solve, and no enemy that I cannot subdue.  You are never without My counsel as you enter into My presence and place your entire life in My hands. I remain your source at all times, and you can trust Me to empower you with My Spirit and give you wisdom that is not earthly or sensual, but works mightily, and you will have the answers of peace, regardless of the things you encounter in your life, says the LORD.

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