I have brought you out of the kingdom of darkness into My kingdom of Light, says the Lord. These two kingdoms are not compatible. There is no middle ground. The darkness cannot agree with the light and there is no compromise. Darkness is evil and My Light is righteous. There can never be a blending of the two. For My light will push back the darkness and expose the hidden evils that cannot be kept secret, says the LORD.

I will reveal the truth as it cannot be changed by the lies and deception of the enemy, says the LORD. My light will expose the hidden man of the heart as well as the motivations and evil thoughts and intents of those who walk in darkness. But you will always have light on the path that I have set before you as I order your steps and enlighten your way. It will not be a maze or an obstacle course and you will not stumble nor fall. For I will lead you and go before you and prepare a path of righteousness for you. I will make My will plain for you as I order each step and go before you. Just follow Me, and you will never become lost, says the Lord.

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