Make Me and My Kingdom Your Priority

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Focus on the things that cannot be taken away from you that are eternal, says the LORD. Love what I love. Do what I do. Be as I Am. Look ahead and not behind and renew your love for Me and My kingdom. Do not love the things that perish or put your efforts into seeking temporal pleasures that will not satisfy you. Pursue that which will never fade away. My kingdom is without end. My love is eternal. I have positioned you in heavenly places with Me and given you eternal life. Let your mind abandon that which is earthly and sensual and labor for the things that are above, says the LORD.

Press into My presence and allow Me to press My presence into you, says the LORD. For as you welcome Me to enter into your heart, invite ME to also be the Lord of your soul and body. Let your mind be renewed in Me, your will be surrendered, and your emotions be charged with Zeal for My house. Give Me your all in all, become a total sacrifice for Me as I was for you. As you put your priority on Me and My Kingdom and righteousness, and make that your ardent pursuit, I will pour out My blessings upon you, and you will not be able to contain them, says the LORD.

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