Hotly Pursue Me, My Kingdom, Righteousness, Glory

First things first, says the LORD. Put Me first! Make Me your first pursuit! Make Me your highest heart’s desire. Hotly pursue Me, My kingdom, My righteousness, My glory. You will never have ONE thing that you desire that I will not grant, as you seek ME and make me your priority, not just in word, but deed. For why

Make Me You First Resort

Make Me your very first resort and not your last option, says the LORD. For I Am waiting on you, rather than your waiting on Me. I listen for the voice of your cry. I Am attentive. I Am watching and waiting for you to come into My presence, where I will not only give you great joy, but I

Make Me and My Kingdom Your Priority

Focus on the things that cannot be taken away from you that are eternal, says the LORD. Love what I love. Do what I do. Be as I Am. Look ahead and not behind and renew your love for Me and My kingdom. Do not love the things that perish or put your efforts into seeking temporal pleasures that will