Everything that you have is given from you by My grace, says the LORD. I saved you by My grace, as you trusted in Me as your Savoir and LORD. You could not save yourself, redeem yourself or cleans yourself. So why do you think that any other gift can be earned? I have paid in full for your healing and deliverance. Your faith and trust in Me as your Savior is the same faith that will bring you complete deliverance and healing, says the LORD.

Do not look to yourself and ask yourself what you can do to be healed and receive anything from Me, says the LORD. For the answer is NOTHING. You can do NOTHING at all to gain My favor outside of believing and receiving what I have freely purchased for you by My finished work on the cross. You MUST BELIEVE to RECEIVE anything from Me. Your good works will not earn these unspeakable gifts, but your faith is what will please ME. It is not too hard for Me to do incredible miracles in your life. ONLY BELIEVE, for your faith in Me will save you, heal you, provide for you and deliver you from every diabolical work of the enemy. ONLY BELIEVE, says the LORD, and all things will be yours!

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