Don’t forget the blessings that I have given you daily, says the LORD. Do not let anything destroy your confidence in Me! Look at the things that I have given you in the past, and the things that I have brought you through successfully. Remembered the answered prayers as you face new challenges today. Do you remember the anguish of your soul from past troubles? I brought you through them, unscathed and unharmed. I gave you the answers you needed and the direction that you asked ME for every time, as you waited upon Me. This is NO DIFFERENT today. The problems are different, the situations seem more complex, but is ANYTHING too hard for ME? You know that I cannot be blocked, cannot be distracted, cannot be bribed, cannot be changed. I will give you everything you need today, tomorrow and always as I did in the past, says the LORD.

Count your blessings and remember all that I have done for you, says the LORD. Come before Me with thanksgiving and praise. Worship Me at all times as you REMEMBER My goodness and mercy to you, and My divine intervention for you so many times. Bless MY Holy name, and be assured of My love for you. I have proved My power and presence in your life in the past. I AM with you Now, and always, and you will see My glory and have abundant grace as you worship Me from your heart at all times and keep your focus on Me, says the LORD.

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