Rise Up and Walk in Newness of Life

Rise up and walk in newness of life, says the LORD. There is no time to waste on regrets. The setbacks you have experienced will not be set-ups for defeat, but for victories ahead. I will give you new strategies and a new direction, and the things you thought were a total loss are not. I will equip you to conquer, and what you have learned is part of the preparation for what is ahead. You will gain momentum as you press forward, with a new perspective, and greater vitality than ever before, says the LORD.

New vision will replace the old, and I will give you the purpose, the plan and the provision, says the LORD. As old things will pass away, that includes old ways of doing things, old mind-sets, old forms and formulas. I will give you new vitality and a holy zeal to do the things that I have ordained for you to do in the NOW and NEAR! Look forward to what will be, embrace what is NOW, and know that the end will be better than the beginning. The new vision will exceed the old, and the victories that lie ahead will far exceed any defeat that you have experienced. Trust that the new is better than the old, and you will NOT be defeated, if you refuse to quit! Press forward to the NEW that I have for you, for victory is ahead, says the LORD.

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