If you will seek Me with all your heart, you will find Me, says the LORD. I AM not hiding from you. I will not reject you or cast you aside. I will hear your prayers and answer them, and as you call upon My name, you will be saved, says the Lord. I will always be your place of safety. I will shelter you, secure you, and be your constant keeper that will guard you, night and day. You can rest, assured that I will be with you, to help you, and cause you to succeed, not fail, says the LORD.

Your success story is wrapped up in Me, who is the Author and finisher of your faith, says the LORD. I Am your beginning, and your end, and I do all things well. Only as you rely upon Me, will you be able to rest in Me. As you trust in My care, you will be carefree, knowing that I cannot and will not fail you. You can shift all your care upon Me, and be confident that all is well and it will go well for you, because I will take care of all that you entrust to Me, and complete every good work that I have begun in you, says the Lord.

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