The Enemy Cannot Curse What I Have Blessed

Curses of the enemy cannot be enforced against you, says the LORD. For what I have blessed is blessed. You are not condemned, but you are guilt free. I have paid in full the price for your salvation, by My shed blood for you and My finished work on the cross. When I said it is finished, it is! Your faith in Me has made you whole, and My blood has cleansed you from all unrighteousness, says the LORD.

The enemy cannot curse what I have blessed, and you do not need to fear what he has spoken against you, says the LORD. Do not fear the enemy who lies and cannot speak the truth. I have set you free, and you are not bound. I became a curse for you so that you can be blessed. Rejoice that you belong to Me, and I Am your redeemer. I will shield you from the attacks of the enemy and as you surrender yourself to ME, you will be a terror to the enemy, who will run from you. You are the victor, and not a victim. For I have empowered you to overcome and given you certain victory because of your faith in Me, says the LORD.

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