The Harvest Will Be Great

You will reap the benefits of the labor of your own hands for My kingdom and My glory, says the LORD. I will give you a permanent harvest of good things that came from the good seed of My Word and My WORK that is reserved for you forever in My kingdom that is without end. You will also eat to the full in the land of the living and enjoy the good things that I lavish upon you as My obedient, surrendered, profitable servant. You will not go hungry, for you have a continual supply in Me, says the LORD.

The harvest will be great and not small, and you will not be sorrowful as you were in the heat of the day as you labored in My field, says the LORD. NO one will take your blessings away, and there will be NO FAILURE on MY PART to give you a bountiful harvest. I cannot be mocked, and neither can My Word be void. It will produce exactly what I sent it forth to do. You have sown in tears, and you have waited patiently for the harvest to come. Your labor for Me and My kingdom will not be in vain. You will reap in joy, and there will NOT be a failed harvest, and your joy will be full, says the LORD.

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