The Imprint of My Nail-Scarred Hands is Upon Your Life

You can see the very imprint of My nail-scarred hands upon your life, says the Lord. I have designed you, and I have inscribed My Name upon you by Myself. I have sealed you with My own signet so that none can tamper with you. You BELONG to Me, because you have received Me as your Savior and LORD. I have not only created you and fashioned you meticulously by My own hands, but I have given you a new name with your new birth into My own family and kingdom that is without end. You are not what you were as a lost sinner, but you are a precious, priceless child that I have recreated to be in My own likeness, and beautified you with My grace and glory, says the LORD.

AS you look at yourself, see My handiwork in you, says the LORD. Do not criticize and condemn yourself as others may have, for that is NOT what I Am saying. I Am your advocate, not your accuser. Let the stout words of the enemy and his advocates be muted in your ears and let My WORD be magnified. I have planted you into My KINGDOM as a righteous tree that will bear only righteous fruit. Those who hate you are hating me. Those who abuse you are abusing Me. Those who accuse you are accusing Me. Those who harm you are harming themselves, for I cannot be harmed. Do not let them harm you, for you are safe in My hands that created you for a purpose and placed you in My Kingdom that will only be righteous and holy. You are MY workmanship, and you need to see My hand print on you, and value what I have created you to be, says the LORD.

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