Tormenting fear is not from Me, says the LORD. Do not accept that diabolical gift from the enemy, but return it to the sender. It is not for you, and you do not have to receive it. Reject the fear, doubt and unbelief that he has tried to impose on you. You did not purchase it, order it, or desire it, and neither did I. I have purchased your peace. Receive that! I have given you GOOD news. Take it to heart, and I have given you MY LOVE that is eternal. Receive the good things that I have already appropriated for you, and reject anything that the forces of darkness desires to attach to you, says the LORD.

You will not be swallowed up in the plans of the enemy as he threatens, says the LORD. WHO DO YOU BELONG TO? The enemy had no place in you. I live in you and remain your GREAT SHEPHERD that will not let the enemy devour you. I have only good things to give you, and the enemy never does anything good. His lies are exposed, and he is not in charge of your life and destiny. I AM. I will give you everything that you need to fulfill every good purpose that I have prescribed for your life, and you will be fully satisfied in My great gift of salvation that covers everything you will ever need to overcome and finish your earthly sojourn well, says the LORD.

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