Don’t pick and choose what you want me to help you with, but cast all your care upon Me, says the Lord. You can entrust Me with your TOTAL care! I Am concerned about everything that pertains to you, and I am not too busy to be involved in EVERYTHING! I know all about you, and I know what you need. Did you think that I, who numbered the very hairs on your head, would be oblivious to your needs? I will meet them as you thrust your self and every concern onto Me, and trust Me with every detail of your life, says the LORD.

Trust Me with the seen and the unseen, says the LORD. For I know and see everything. Nothing is out of my reach, nothing is out of my sight, and I hear everything and know everything. My understanding is infinite. I will always do the right thing, for I do not have to guess. I have the perfect plan for your life, and I will prepare the way for you. Let me do the leading; you do the following. I will meet every need that you have, as you lean upon ME, trust in Me, wait on Me, says the LORD.

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