I have given you unspeakable gifts, says the LORD.  Much that belongs to you already, you have not even discovered.  What I give is always astounding and will never be retracted. You will discover what I have reserved for you and what is already given as you walk forward into the NEW territories that I have authorized for you. You will be fully equipped and furnished onto every good work that I have created you to do, and there will be NO LACK, says the LORD.

I have enlightened you to be light, encouraged you to be an encourager, and blessed you to be a blessing, says the LORD.  What you have learned from Me, teach others.  Do not just bask in My SPIRIT and glory, but spread that in your environs.  For I have not separated you onto My self without purpose.  You will go out and be the light in the darkest places, a comfort to the hurting, and a healer to the afflicted.  Do the work of the ministry that I have called and equipped you to do, and put aside all excuses.  I have need of you, and have prepared you for such a time as this, says the LORD.

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