Say, “I don’t want to quit,” and then don’t, says the LORD. Affirm with our own mouth that you do not want to give up, and then stand firm and refuse to do so! For if you stand, you will not fall, for I will hold you up and keep you from falling. I did not tell you to sit there until you die, but when you have done all to STAND! Those who submit to defeat will sit down, take their armor off, lay the sword that I have given them and refuse to fight any longer. The battle is not over until there is victory, and as you refuse to retreat, you will not only prevail, but you will possess the Land of Promise, says the LORD.

Defeat is not the prescription that I have given you, says the LORD. Did I say I would give you bad defeat or GOOD SUCCESS? Success comes from ME who grants it to those who believe. Your faith in Me is not mere words, but DEEDS! Act on what I have given you. BELIEVE and move forward, engaging in the fray until you have been declared the grand champion. For I AM with you, and you have all the help you need as I stand with you, fight with you, and give you every superior weapon you need that are mighty through Me, and the strongholds of that proud enemy will come crashing down, and you will stand on the necks of the enemy as you refuse to be tread upon. You will tread upon demons and devils and NOTHING will harm you, as you fight to the finish, and receive that victor’s crown, says the LORD.

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