Wisdom comes from Me, says the LORD. The wisdom of the world is foolishness compared to Mine. Ask of ME, and I will give you My wisdom and counsel. I will download wisdom into you that will boggle your own mind as well as those around you that hear. Not only will they hear what I say, but they will see what I do, for anyone can speak. But I speak My Words of wisdom and I perform them, says the LORD.

You too must perform that which I give you, for My Word of Wisdom requires action, says the LORD. Faith must become action in order to be alive and productive. Mere sayings are not that which build a foundation but DOING what I say will become that firm foundation that you can build upon. You will survive every storm and not suffer loss. So get ready to act on My Word and see what I will do with you, for you and through you, as I make you an example of what real wisdom is as you follow through with what I instruct you to DO! Be a faith walker and not just a talker, for words without action do absolutely nothing. When you put my Words of wisdom into action, you will have the manifest, materiality of MY LIVING WORD that does not merely show you the way, but BECOMES the Way, for I AM the Way, the Truth and the LIFE, says the LORD.

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