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With You Forever

Cast CaresWhen you were lost, I found you, says the LORD. When you were sick, I healed you. When you felt lonely, I friended you and came along side to support you, hold you up and keep you from falling. I gave you life and filled you with new hope. I strengthened you for the journey that was too hard for you, and gave you everything that you needed, just because I love you, says the LORD.

I laid down My life for you so that by My death and finished work on the cross, you could live forever in My kingdom that is without end. Will I not complete what I have begun in you? I have provided for you everything that you need, and have reserved blessings upon blessings for you, just because you belong to Me. Trust that what I have done for you in the past will not be the end of My care for you. I will never forsake you, never ignore you when you call upon Me, and I will be with you forever, to take care of every need that you have, always, says the LORD.

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