Genesis 1:1I have made you unique and special, says the LORD. What I give you is exclusively yours, because you are like none other. No one can duplicate you or do precisely what I have called you to do. You cannot be replaced or exchanged for another. Others may try to mimic you, parrot what you say, try to take your place and eliminate you, but they cannot. Your position in Me is fixed and your calling sure. Do not try to be like another, for you are to only imitate ME. You do not have to dot your I’s or cross your t’s like others to try to fit in the mold of someone else’s making. You need not even try to fit in the religious circles or try to please them. For I will lead and guide you into all truth, and the rituals of man are not what get My attention. Your love and faith and obedience to Me is what I Am watching. Just follow Me and do what I ask you to do, whether you are understood, accepted, applauded or not. Do not bend to the whims and wishes of others, for I want you to conform to My will and purpose and plan for your life, says the LORD.

I have called you into My kingdom and given you the authority to do what I have commissioned you to do, says the LORD. I Am your covering. I will under gird you. I will surround you. I Am with you to empower you, protect you, lead you, guide you, teach you, and use you for MY GLORY. I Am the LORD. There is none other like Me, and there is none other like you. I made you the way I wanted to and said you are good. I did not make any mistakes. You are My own workmanship, and I will complete you, perfect what concerns you and finish you. Do not lament over the disconnections from others who have pressured you to conform to their religious rhetoric and formulas, formats and doctrines of man. For I have not rejected you or cast you aside. Although you desire to have approval, let My approval be what you seek. I will lead and guide you and instruct you by My Spirit and I will confirm My WORD to you as often as you need ME too. Just be content with who I have created you to be and be happy with the calling you have, and be zealous unto every good work that I have called you to fulfill. Do not get discouraged when you are separated from their company of others because you are not like them. I will partner with you and use you mightily as you walk with Me and follow the unique plans that I have for you, and you will then finish well, says the LORD.

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