Happy is the one whose sins are forgiven, and who has been cleansed from all unrighteousness, says the LORD. You are most fortunate and blessed, because I have redeemed you by My blood, purged and purified you because of My grace, and brought you into My kingdom, filled you with My Spirit and sealed you with My own name, and made you My own, because you have believed in Me, says the LORD.

So, rejoice and be glad, says the LORD. I have given you unspeakable, immutable gifts, and poured out my love upon you. BE HAPPY! Why should you spend even one moment, complaining, whining, and feeling sorry for yourself? I have given you eternal life. My light is in you. I Am with you, always. BE HAPPY in ME, and joy in your salvation! For I have taken you out hopelessness and given you a living hope. I have taken you out of darkness and given you light. I have brought you into My presence and given you unspeakable joy. EXPRESS IT, and be happy and bless My holy name, for My grace is sufficient and abundant for you, and you ARE blessed, says the LORD.

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