Who told you that you are weak, vulnerable and inept? I Am mot speaking that over you, and you need not even entertain those thoughts from the evil one, says the LORD. You are strong in Me! You are more than able to stand in the times of trouble, because I stand with you. I hold you up. I keep you from falling and falling. You cannot lose and the enemy cannot win. There is no weakness in you when you refuse to cower, turn back, hide, or flee from the evil one, says the LORD.

Nothing about you is inept, says the LORD. Plug your ears to the insults of the enemy and avoid the presence of naysayers. You have more important things to do, greater things to hear, and wonderful things to believe. I will give you good success as you attend onto MY WORDS that are powerful, life giving, and worthy of your attention. I Am your strength, and there is NOTHING weak about ME. Forget the stout accusations and ridicule of the enemy that want you to surrender. Be strong in Me, for I Am enabling you, empowering you, and equipping you to be a mighty conqueror in Me, and you will have great joy as you stand up, straight and tall, square your shoulders, look the enemy in the face, and resist him and watch him run in terror of you, says the LORD.

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