Be as I Am, on task, on time, and doing everything that I have assigned you to do with all your might, says the LORD. Don’t become hesitant or procrastinating or reluctant to work in My field. For diligence and dependability and faithfulness is what I Am looking for. Be zealous for good works, even as I Am. Let your faith become your walk and be a doer of the work, for your labor is not vain in Me, but will be greatly rewarded, says the LORD.

You will reap what you sow, says the LORD. GOOD works will produce only a good harvest. As you labor, your harvest is coming. Don’t look at the weather. WORK. Don’t wait for the perfect situation to respond to My call. JUST obey and believe and know that what I call you to do, I will equip and empower you to perform it. I will not just send you to war without weapons. I will not ask you to work in My field without proper tools and resources. I will fully empower you to be fruitful and your work will be beneficial, productive and powerful, as you fervently engage in My business that is for My kingdom that is without end, says the LORD.

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