Comfort and Healing for the Betrayed

Though you are shocked by those who have rejected you, abandoned you, maligned you, cursed you, and betrayed you, take heart, says the LORD. For I Am with you always. Those who left you when you needed them the most have caused your tears to flow, and your heart to be pierced with a sharp arrow, through and through. But I will PENETRATE your heart, with My Spirit, and I will heal your broken heart and shattered life, says the LORD.

I Am for you, says the LORD. I will never turn My back on you or leave you in the middle of your pain. I will comfort you and dry your tears, and turn your sorrow into joy. I AM more than enough for you always. You can depend upon Me, and My opinion counts! Shrug your shoulders, walk away, and do not even fret about the naysayers and slander that has caught you by surprise. I have you, and I know you, and you are greatly wanted, needed, and valuable to Me. I will hold you in My tight embrace and give you joy that replaces the sorrow of your heart, and you will go forward, and be honored and blessed by Me, says the LORD.

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