Breakthrough is Coming

Breakthrough is coming for you, says the LORD. I will break you out of the things that have bound you emotionally, as I not only heal your wounded, broken heart, but give you renewed purpose, says the LORD. I will break you out of the darkness and give you light. You will have a brand new day, as the night season will be over and there will be a fresh, new beginning or you, says the LORD.

I will break you out of the circumstances that have kept you fettered and chained, for you will be free to move forward as I loose you, says the LORD. Your tears will be dried. You will laugh again. The days of your mourning will be OVER. You will sing to the top of your lungs and will not even care if others hear your shouts of joy. Others will rejoice with you, for you were not alone in your pain and suffering. I was with you and others that stood alongside to help will be glad for you, even as Job’s friends rejoiced with him when he was restored. You will not remember the pain for the breaking out of the old and busting forth into the new. A new day is ordered for you, and breakthrough is on the way, says the LORD.

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