Look at all the blessings that I have poured out into your life, says the LORD.  None of them have any sorrow attached to them.  They are good gits, perfect gifts and they all come from Me.  I love you, and AM a loving Father to you.  Don’t listen to the voices that tell  you I Am going to punish you and pour out My judgment and wrath upon you.  You are My beloved child that I have purchased by My own blood that was shed for you, and I have not appointed you onto wrath, but onto mercy, says the LORD.

Don’t ever confuse My work with the work of the enemy who comes to steal, kill and destroy, says the LORD.  I have come to give you abundant life, not death.  I Am not robbing from you, but blessing you, providing for you.  Why would I load you with My benefits every day just to take them away from you?  I have come to give, not take away.  Retracting good things is NOT what I will do, for the gifts that I give you will NEVER be taken away from you by Me, and I will give you more.   Sickness, disease, poverty, disability, weakness, pain, and loss are not from me, but the enemy. I have come to heal you, deliver you, restore you and bless you, says the LORD.

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