Focus on your blessings and the things that you have been given by Me rather than the things you do not have, says the LORD. I will inhabit your praise and want you to have a thankful heart.  I have blessed you and given you every good thing that you have, and I will do much more for you.  There is no end of My resources. There is no cap on My love.  I have an endless supply for you, but I want you to see Me as your PROVIDER and I want you to credit Me for every blessing and be thankful for all that I do for you, says the LORD.

I have good thoughts and plans for you, says the Lord.  I will implement them.  You will see.  You are never be void of My help as you entrust Me with your life.  You do not have to figure out how I will supply.  Just trust that I can, and I will!  I have never failed you, cannot fail you, and that word is not in My vocabulary.  I will supply. I will help. I will furnish you unto every good work that I have purposed for you, and you will be equipped.  I will not ignore your prayers, postpone My blessings, or delay My provisions.  You will have everything you need as you give Me the glory and entrust your entire life and the lives of those you love into My care, now and always, says the LORD.

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