Follow the Path of Righteousness

Don’t look at opinion poles to determine where you will stand, what you will believe and what you will do, says the LORD. None of them will influence what I will do or interfere with My plans and purposes that will unfold, regardless of what others desire. Be strong in your decision to serve Me, and stand up for what is right in My sight even if you have to stand alone, says the LORD.

Walk in alignment and agreement with Me and My Word at all times, and do not compromise, says the LORD. For it is a straight and narrow path of righteousness and holiness, and many will choose another way. It is not a majority vote, but a single decision from you that I look for. Be strong and be bold in these last days, for although many deviate from My Word and veer off the path, you will have light and direction that comes directly from Me as you choose Me, determine to serve Me, and refuse to give into the will of the crowd that are not My followers or servants at all, says the LORD.

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