Forever I am Faithful, says the Lord. Forever I Am true to you, true to My Word, true to My promises, and true in My love and devotion to you. I have not given you a bill of divorcement! I Am the lover of your soul, and one that sticks by you regardless of what happens, how you feel or what others say and do against you. When they insult you, they insult Me. When they attack you, they are fighting against Me. You are My beloved, and I Am not only with you, but I will defend you and rebuke the devourer  that desires to destroy you, says the LORD.

Help is HELP, and the promise that I give you to help you is TRUE! I cannot lie or change. Neither can I change sides. I cannot be manipulated or controlled, and no power can conquer Me or destroy My love for you! You can depend upon Me. You can trust in ME all the time. I cannot betray you, but I see who does, and they have also betrayed Me. You are part of Me and by body, and what they do against you is always against me. Take heart and know that I Am a witness of every assault, and on task to vindicate you, fight for you and bring you out of the trouble that the enemy imposes on you that is against ME and My purposes that I have ordained for you. You will be more than a victor in Me, for I cannot and will not fail you, and you are never fighting your battles alone, say the LORD.

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