I have loosed you from bondage and set you free to serve Me, says the LORD. You are not a prisoner, not chained, not bound and not fettered. Just walk in the liberty that I have given you, for there is no debt, there is nothing that is keeping you back, there I nothing that can hold you down or lord I over you. You are free from sin as I have cleansed you by My shed blood for you. You are free from condemnation, for I have paid in full every debt. You are free from the jaws of the lion and the claws of the bear, for I Am your GOOD SHEPHERD that has rescued you, says the LORD.

I Am your place of safety and you are secure in Me, says the LORD. You can follow My lead, knowing that the places I send you are already prepared for you. I have gone before you and cleared the way, and I Am a light onto your path. You will not need to be afraid, for I have ordered every step, prepared every place and have sent My angelic forces to surround you. You are in My total care and all is well, says the LORD.

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