God’s Perfect Will

Have an insatiable desire and pursuit to know My will for your life, says the LORD. Seek it. Discover it, and do it, for only then will you have perfect peace. As you surrender your life to Me and die to your own ambitions and desires, you will live in newness of LIFE. You will live by the power of My resurrection, and the fullness that I have for you will be realized, says the LORD.

Don’t ask others to give you their opinions concerning My will and purpose and plan for your life, says the LORD. You will have as many different opinions as there are people who offer them. JUST seek Me and My perfect will and plan for your life, and YOU WILL FIND IT. You do not need the validation, consent, and agreement of others. Nor do you need their approval or a vote of confidence. JUST DO WHAT I DIRECT you to do, with all your body, soul, and heart, and you will fulfill every good work and purpose that I have authored for your life under the sun, says the LORD.

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