I have authored a perpetual cycle for you, says the Lord. It is from grace to glory, and glory to grace. More grace. More glory. It is an unending supply of My grace that is sufficient and abundant for you, and increased glory is what I will give you. My blessings will be poured out upon My servants and handmaidens. They will never be without, but are always within My presence, enjoying the downpour of My Spirit and filled with My power and anointing that will only increase and bring an increase, says the LORD.

The harvest is coming, and you will not be idle, but busy about My business in My kingdom that is without end, says the LORD. You have longed for more, and I speak, declare and decree that you will have MORE THAN ENOUGH! I will empower you, anoint you, fill you, and use you for MY GLORY, and you will know that the vision that I HAVE GIVEN YOU will be fulfilled, and the Work will be done. Those who have waited for ME will NEVER be empty, never be ashamed, never be fruitless, never be idle, never be disregarded, never be disgraced, never be replaced, and they will rejoice in the time of harvest, and the tears they shed will be forgotten, as they will reap what they have sown, and be fat and full of by blessings that are without end, says the LORD.

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