Look, I am standing at the door of your heart and life and gently knocking, says the LORD. I will not force entry. Welcome ME to come in. Give Me access to every area and aspect of your life and trust Me as your LORD. I will never bring you harm or give you toxic things that will sicken, weaken and destroy you. I will only give you the My light and glory and grace as you place everything into My care, says the LORD.

You will enjoy sweet fellowship and friendship with Me, as I commune with you, quiet your fears and give you unspeakable joy. You will never be alone. You will never be without help. I will always be with you to protect you, provide for you, empower you and expand you so that you will be productive, powerful and impacting in the lives of others, because I will be with you to you fulfill you to finish your destiny purpose in Me, says the LORD.

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