Daily Devotional: Upheld

Thank you, Lord, for holding me up and keeping me from falling and failing. Your hands steady me in troublesome times. I am secure in you, and remain standing when everything seems to be falling apart. You are the One who perfects me, provides for me, and will present me before the Father, faultless, because of my faith in you

Daily Devotional: GOD is Faithful

Thank you, Lord, for your faithful care of me and those that I love. I can be confident that you will strengthen Me and protect me from the enemy. You are our keeper, and we are safe in your constant care. Amen

Daily Devotional: The GOOD Shepherd

We thank you, Lord, that you are the GOOD SHEPHERD, that will carry us in your arms, and keep us safe, well, provisioned and protected. Your love is constant, inexhaustible, unchanging, and dependable, and we thank you for your presence and power in our lives at all times, as we entrust you with our care as Our personal Savior and

Goodness and Mercy Will Follow You

Goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your earthly sojourn as you follow ME, says the LORD. Every day means now and forever, as I Am the One who orders your steps, supplies your need, and gives you GOOD things to enjoy. I have not changed My mind, and I will not forget My promises to you.

Stand Still

Stand still and see My great Salvation, says the LORD. The enemy is not bigger than Me. I Am the Sovereign, and I have not forsaken you or given you up and over to the evil one. I have placed you in the palm of My hands, and no power can remove you or defeat you, because nothing can overwhelm

Daily Devotional: God’s Infallible Love

Thank you, Lord, that we are assured of your infallible love. We love you because you first loved us and gave your life for us. We can depend upon your constant care, love, presence, and when we seek you, we will find YOU. We are safe and secure in your tender, loving, caring arms that embrace us, provide, protect and

Daily Devotional: Friendship, Fellowship, Communion

Thank you, Lord, that we have constant friendship and communion and fellowship with you, because you came to us, knocked on our heart’s door, and we invited you to come in. You are our faithful friend and companion and live in us, with us, and are all powerful. You are the one we lean on, and we can entrust you

Daily Devotional: I Shall Not Lack

Thank you, Lord, that you are the GOOD SHEPHERD! I shall not be in want or lack anything that I need. You will guard me, guide Me, shelter Me, feed Me, heal me, and know Me intimately by name. I will not be in need, for you will supply, as you always have, and always will, because you love me

Your Life is in My Hands

Your life is in My hands, says the LORD. Can you think of a better and safer place that you could be? My hands have created you, and when I formed you in the womb of your mother and separated you from her as a live birth, not only did I record all your parts in My book, but I

Daily Devotional: Salvation

Thank you, Lord, for saving My soul, as I place My faith in you and the finished work of the cross. You are the strong rock that I stand upon, and I will not fall. You are the one who defends and protects me and strengthens me continually. Your watchful care keeps the enemy from attacking unaware, and you are