There is NO POWER grater than Mine, says the Lord. I Am on your side and that is more than enough for you. What more do you need that will give you reassurance of a positive outcome in every trial that you face? I AM not poor. I Am not weak. I Am not clueless. I do not need any permission from anyone to do what is right and to execute justice and judgment on your behalf. I will avenge you of your adversaries that are out to destroy you and keep you from fulfilling your purpose in ME, says the LORD.

The enemy cannot nullify My purposes that I have for you, says the LORD. HE cannot overpower Me or outwit Me I Am not moved by His threats and his roar does not get any of MY attention. I AM the One who has called you and ordained your destiny in MY kingdom. NOTHING will stop My plans and purposes and no power can destroy My works. I will destroy the diabolical works of the dark one and cause you to stand on the necks of your enemies, as a mighty conqueror. Victory is always yours, for you are LOT a loser, but a winner, and your joy will be full as you rejoice in My divine intervention on your behalf, and completely restore you, says the LORD.

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