I Am Your Faithful Friend

You are NEVER alone, says the LORD. NEVER! When everyone runs away from you as you face troubles and trials, you will not see Me join this exit! I Am your faithful friend that will stick with you no matter what comes your way. I AM not just standing there, watching you struggle, to cheer you on, but I Am there to help you, and YOU WILL BE HELPED! For with My help, you will never need another. I will give you everything that you need to succeed, no matter what the odds are against you, says the LORD.

Trust in My presence and know that I do not have to come up with a plan or a way out of difficulties, says the LORD. I will just guide you with My eye, and you will walk out of them, unscathed and unharmed, for I have prepared the way for you long before you entered into the problems. I will give you the comfort of MY love as I embrace you in My arms, hold you close to My heart, and whisper in your ear, “I AM HERE, Don’t be afraid!” You will never need to say to Me, “Why have you forsaken me,” for that will never happen, and you will always be in My tender, loving care, says the LORD.

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