You do not need to put your trust in what others will give to you or do for you, says the LORD. I said that I WOULD SUPPLY all your need according to MY RICHES that be in glory, and I Am your source. You do not need to look to another. As you look onto ME and put your trust in Me, and seek Me, you will find more than MY Person, but My provision. I will give you everything that you need, and you do not have to rely on any other, says the LORD.

Others will disappoint you, but I will not, says the LORD. My faithfulness will never change. I will always give you enough, and over-supply you so that you can become a conduit of blessings. I will get the glory for I AM the One who gives seed to the sower, and bread for your food. As you entrust Me with your life and believe Me to be your source, you will never be without, for I will never withhold any good thing for those who love me and put their complete faith and trust in Me, says the LORD

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