I Will Attend Onto You

I know every beat of your heart, says the LORD. I, Who numbered the hairs on your head did not think that little detail was insignificant. I also know the number of the cells in your body. I know everything about you. Since I have taken much interest in the tiny details, how much more will I attend to the things that YOU KNOW ABOUT and are concerned with? For what troubles you is important to ME! I value you, and Am aware of all your need, says the LORD.

I will supply it, says the LORD. You can trust in My total care as you come to Me, and cast all your care upon ME. Don’t pick and choose what you will relinquish to My control. Just give ME every burden, every concern, everything! Why should you be burdened with the heavy load when I Am more than willing to not only carry it all with ease, but I will also carry you. You can have joy in your earthly sojourn at all times as you entrust every care of this life onto Me, and enjoy the journey. For My easy yoke and light burden will not be difficult for you as you link with Me and partner with ME, and you will be at rest and obtain My peace that I want you to have at all times, says the LORD.

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