I will deliver you from the injustices that you have faced, says the Lord. Even though you have seen the wicked prosper, at your own expense, there is a time for everything under the sun. I will avenge you of your adversaries that have gloated that no one can stop them, no one can defeat them, no one can overpower them. I can, and I will, for I see! I hear! I know! I Am the SOVEREIGN, and the proud will be humbled, the righteousness will be vindicated, and Justice will be served for the honor of My name, and My true servants will be delivered out of the hands of the wicked, says the Lord.

Trust that I AM not oblivious of our pain and suffering, says the LORD. I Am with you in trouble, standing alongside to help. Just when you think it is over, you will see Me bare My own right arm, and bring you the deliverance you have longed for. You will not be under the thumb of the unrighteous, but are secure in My hands that hold you, my arms that embrace you, and My love and SPIRIT that surround you. I will restore you, and you will KNOW that I Am the GOD that heals you, delivers you, empowers you, renews you, and you will laugh out loud as you see My great intervention for you, and have ultimate victory in Me, says the LORD.

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