I Will Give You the Increase

I will give you the increase, says the LORD. For I will breath on the very dead places that you have given up on and give it life. I will give you an increase of My riches that be in glory as you come into My presence and have fellowship with Me. I will increase your effectiveness and you will have a harvest that is unexpected. You have sown in tears and labored through the heat of the trials and tests that have taxed and stretched and tested your faith. But you have endured the hardness. You will reap a bumper crop. Your labor in ME is not a vain thing, and you will receive more than double for the seed that you have sown. The harvest will be plenteous and ON TIME, says the LORD.

I will give you more than you expected, says the LORD. I will pour out blessings upon blessings that you will not have room to contain. You will be a conduit of blessings to others as you will give out of a heart of love, and as you do, your increase will INCREASE, says the LORD. The more you sow, the more you will reap until you have continued blessings with no gaps between. I will give you the increase of joy and a new song in your heart, for you have been faithful in your labor of love for Me and have been a trusted servant in My kingdom and you will receive a full reward, says the LORD.

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