I will heal your fractured life and mend your broken heart, says the LORD. I will restore you. I will help you. I will comfort you. You will OVERCOME. Your scars are the proof of your likeness to ME. Your suffering has not been in vain. Even as I have suffered for the salvation of others, I have made you to be like Me. You are part of My body, and as you have suffered with Me, you will reign with Me, says the LORD.

You will be a healer as I Am, for didn’t say, “Lay hands on the sick, and they will recover?” Your pain has a purpose and that will benefit others that I have created and equipped and furnished you to minister to. For even as I looked past the suffering and saw the glory to come, I am telling you to look past your own suffering to see the My glory that will be revealed in you. I Am your healer, repairer, restorer and I will renew your strength, and use you mightily for MY glory, and you too will say that it was LIGHT affliction compared to the glory that will be revealed in you and around you, says the LORD.

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